Blessings of Your Husband

Over the years of our marriage my husband would do things to bless me and, due to unforgiveness for past mistakes, I could not appreciate it. I decided to get this right with God and write down anything positive he did. At a moment of frustration you can have a hard time remembering positives, but you can read it regardless of memory. After much prayer, God helped me to compose the following poem. This poem idea could be changed to focus on the positives of another: wife, friend, fellow worker, boss, in-laws, etc.

Blessings of Your Husband

Each time he does a kindness in word or deed, It is high time for you to take heed.

It may seem small and miniscule, But thinking on it twice is the best rule.

So write in this journal each time with the date, Or the blessings will pass and it will be too late.

If each kindness were the petals on a rose, You will soon have a bouquet with all of those.

When life seems tough and the petals seem few, You can read in your book and see life anew.

The blessings are many, when you pay close attention, You may even find they are too many to mention.

No one is perfect, especially not me, But with rose colored glasses, you will be pleased.

  • by Lois Snyder